Advanced kitesurf courses in Djerba

If you are the more of 16 years old, the women or the men furthermore of 45kg and you did not find what you are looking for in our basic formula , we offer you specific internships. Several formulae are proposed to you according to your needs and your expectations:

Internship deprived with a personal coach

Stage kitesurf privé à Djerba

Objective :
Receive a particular attention to move forward quickly and solidly.

  • Move forward with his own rhythm
  • Receive remarks adapted to your morphology
  • A more greater safety
  • A permanent support

Internship strapless or surfboard: learn the board of wave

Stage strapless ou surfboard

Objective : Learn the board of vagueness and become waveriding :

  • Master the directional board without straps
  • Learn to surf without pushing the board
  • Jump waves
  • Make figures appropriate to the waveriding

Internship Foil: overfly the stretch of water

Stage Foil à Djerba

Objective : Learn to navigate with a Foil :

  • Master the departure of the beach with a Foil
  • Stabilize the board during the navigation
  • Learn to change direction

Internship of freestyle

Stage de freestyle sur la lagune de Djerba

Objective :

  • Learn bases common to the freestyle
  • Learn the classic figures
  • Discover the last trends