Stand Paddle for all

Paddle a complete sport ( StandUp)

To learn Paddle is within the reach of all. For that reason we offer a fast training and for all the ages from 12 years. In our spot a wide zone dedicated to the young people, does not exceed 80 cms deep.
If you are in family, nothing is more easy and beneficial than to share an aquatic activity as Paddle. The stroll or the ride in family in our spot to Djerbakite next to the Roman road or the strong classic art is a unique experience.
And if you want to go farther, our monitors will indulge to teach you to be astride the small waves in the wide.
Offer yourselves a session of Paddle course. It is a very physical discipline, it calls on to the endurance and the speed, the posture and the movements of the body, requesting all the muscles.
famille paddle
Pack family from 40€/h 30€/1 hour of internship 30€/rent for half-day

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