Kitesurfing courses for juniors

Increasingly available

The material which Djerbakite has is the most secure existing on the market. Nothing opposes today so that the young people and even all the family can take advantage of this magnificent sport.
Our trainers are also qualified and certified to offer to the young people and to the children most secure adapted training.
Do not hesitate anymore and come in family to share the sensations offered by the kitesurf.

The internships Junior Kitesurf 12+

From 12 years the young people can practice this discipline with a minimum of physical preparation and theoretical knowledge.
The used equipment is secured besides being adapted to the weight and to the physical appearance of the juniors.
Seen the morphological peculiarity of the young people, our trainers adapted the training program. The purpose being to compensate for the physical limits of the juniors with progressive techniques.
The progress of the juniors is often fast and grants to their muscle structures more strength and reactivity.
The control of the good gestures at the juniors is the priority of our instructors because she will allow them an exceptional control of the kitesurf when they will be autonomous.
kite djerba junior

If you are in family, our offer Pack Paddle will undoubtedly interest you